Costruction of civil and industrial facilities

Aqueducts and sewer networks, public and private, large facilities for civil and industrial use. Sewage systems and telecommunication networks, technological systems.

The Zaccaria Groups makes available to its clients, both public and private, the technical knowledge and solutions necessary to respond to any type of turnkey construction of facilities for civil or industrial use, whether it be the construction of a water supply system, aqueduct or sewage system.

The collaboration of architects and engineers, il know-how of the technical department, high-level design, the use of materials, equipment and construction techniques of the highest grade, are guarantees of projects and work completed to perfection.
The large civil and industrial facilities,which the company is able to construct, also includes water treatment, lighting and telecommunications systems, technological installations, wells and pipework for agricultural irrigation and aqueducts for the supply of water for civil and industrial use, always making sure to use the best technological solutions available on the market. The company provides SOA certification and is able to build across Italy and abroad.