Building construction for tourism, residential and commercial properties

Turnkey construction of Hotels and residential complexes, including resolution of problems related to administration, bureaucracy, design, construction of buildings, condominiums, villas and apartments

Whether they are public or private projects, large hotel complexes, or shopping centres, the Zaccaria Group is able to build them with a "turnkey" solution, constructing them according to the strictest regulations in terms of quality with the work performed using the best construction techniques available.
For the construction of buildings, condominiums, residential complexes, villas and apartments the company has acquired the ability to respond to all problems related to administration, design, construction and maintenance.

Each stage of a project is managed by internal personnel: from the feasibility study to the design of the project, from the on site realization of all the work of earthmoving, to thenecessary preparations, to the technological installations and the maintenance of the internal fittings, up to the installation of the technical components of a building (greenspace, parks, swimming pools, electrical systems, air conditioning, water supply and surveillance). The company has also become recognized in other sectors of building such as the construction of commercial units (shops, supermarkets, shopping centres) and major construction for light and heavy industry, which includes warehousing and structures used for production and logistics. Thanks to its organization and to the branches in Romania, Tunisia and Malta, the Zaccaria Group can realize large buildings across the country and abroad.