Zaccaria Group. New corporate identity and new web site

Today our website is going live, the first of Zaccaria Group, a reality founded 40 years ago through the will of the Zaccaria family.

Simplicity is the basis of the work we have carried forward over these last months. We are convinced that using language which is clear and simple is essential for the effective communication of concepts of strength and seriousness which have always characterized our history.

The work began in primis from the definition of corporate identity, starting with the Zaccaria Group and later Edil Zeta.

Both logos, with a positive-negative graphic design, created a monogram which led to an essential image and which hold the initials which identify the group and the companies in the group.

It all creates a unified style, while at the same time leaving room for each company in the group to have a unique personality.

"Major works since 1974" is the pay-off which will accompany, over the coming years, company communication, with the precise purpose of communicating the history, and above all, the position of the company in the construction market.

This website is characterized by large images and a minimal graphic: the space on the screen is exploited to its maximum to illustrate and narrate our projects with rich photographic reportage but also to inform, through informative and technical data sheets.

The site consists of an institutional part dedicated to the company and to the group, in which it is possible to understand the history and activities of the associated businesses and those of the parent company.

The concrete and operational part of the business is illustrated in the two sections of the portfolio achievements and activities.

To conclude we have also thought of a section dedicated toproperty company involved in rentals and sales.

For direct and informal contact with company representatives, they have social profiles, which thanks to Facebook and Twitter it is possible to constantly update about our activities in real time.

Management of the images, design and creation of the website has been entrusted to Boma Studio and its contents to Matteo Durante.