Create, build and construct; more than simple words

The philosophy of the Zaccaria Group construction company: clients are partners with whom we reach the common objective of economic and environmental progress

Know-how, professionalism, high standards of quality, total respect for regulations and the environment, use of the most innovative technologies.
It is on these principal which Zaccaria Group has based its activities. Up to becoming a leading enterprise in Sicily in the construction of major works, and of all sectors of the building trade, from architectural restoration to redevelopment, from the construction of transportation infrastructure and civil engineering to the construction of large residential and hotel complexes. Convinced that even a small construction company would realize major public tenders and resolve difficult problems, for the Zaccaria Group to create, build and construct are not just words but vital components of their present and their future.
For clients, both public and private, who request our intervention, the Zaccaria Group guarantees satisfaction of their needs, in terms of quality, cost and time. Because clients are, above all, partner with whom to work, to achieve common objectives and follow a certain architectural, economic and social approach.