40 years of major projects

A family owned and managed business: since 1974 it has designed the future to build the present

Tenacity, passion for craftsmanship and long-term vision. These are the traits which have allowed the surveyor Giuseppe Zaccaria to earn appreciation, as a builder and entrepreneur, across the provinces of Sicily and the north of Italy.

His story is the story of a group which has stood out since 1974 - the founding year of the Giuseppe Zaccaria Construction Company, which with a dozen employees, came to the fore in the field construction and carpentry, thanks to the flexibility, the application and to the prompt completion of projects, in the delivery of work, and the relationship with clients and suppliers.

After the foundation of the company CO.NET srl, in 2002, and following a merger of these two companies into Edilzeta Spa, at the end of 2003, the entrepreneurial dynamism of the Zaccaria family has led the the Group to increase its portfolio of projects considerably. For some years, the head of the family Giuseppe has had his two sons by his side - since 1999 Giorgio (currently chief administrator) and since 2006 Gianluca (manager of Scm, one of the companies in the group) – representatives of the second generation with the task of growing the business and the customer base of the company.

Today, composed of about 90 professionals(including technicians, workers and employees), the group is expanding the borders of its market to include Eastern Europe and North Africa.

In October 2014, Edilzeta srl became Edilzeta S.p.A., not only a formal step, but a demonstration of the solidity of the company and of the managerial skills of its owners.

ph. Francesco Lucifora for Freetime