The substance of great works

40 years of work on site guarantees that Zaccaria Group has the experience necessary to operate, in Sicily and the Mediterranean basin, Ð in the principal sectors of civil and industrial engineering, restoration of monuments, large infrastructure projects, the construction and maintenance of public greenspace and urban facilities.
The Group is also distinguished in the construction and maintenance, though the implementation of project financing, of public structures; in the construction and sale of residential complexes, villas and apartments; in the realization of hotels and holiday villages.
A range of activities which, thanks to the flexibility of the internal organizational and the entrepreneurial dynamism of the management, continues to grow and is characterized by the substance of projects which, once realized, become grand.

Main fields of activity

A Sicilian company with 360 know-how in construction: from the building of major works and infrastructure, to hotel-tourism (construction of hotels, residences, holiday villages and tourist accommodation in general), resident and public construction. From the construction of electrical and industrial facilities to architectural restoration, to archaeological excavations and water treatment.

Project Portfolio

Zaccaria Group constructs in Sicily, in the rest of Italy and abroad various types of projects in the field of construction and building: restoration, remediation and redevelopment of historical and artistic heritage, construction of major civil engineering and infrastructure projects, public buildings (schools, cemeteries, hospitals, management centres, institutional headquarters and public offices), buildings for residential, commercial use and the hotel-tourism industry

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