Civil engineering projects

Bridges, roads and public offices: civil construction projects are carried out in a direct fashion and followed throughout each stage: from the feasibility study to the reports on the hydrogeological context and the evaluation of environmental impact

With the aim of realizing large projects safe, modern and architecturally suitable for needs of the customer - entrepreneurs and major public tenders - the Zaccaria Group has acquired considerable experience in the construction of educational structures, public offices industrial warehousing, land consolidation of plains and hills, bridges roads and highways. All works unrelated to housing, but with a major social impact, which the Group realized with efficiency and precision

The know-how of the technical department and the continuous relationship and collaboration with numerous professional studios allows the company to manage all stages of a project: from the feasibility study, to the reports on the hydrogeological context, to the evaluation of environmental impact; from the supply of all the materials, to the on site construction and maintenance .

The operational team consists of workers specialized in turnkey construction in the civil and industrial projects, educational, public and hotels.