Creation of Gardens, parks, large swimming pools: the open spaces of the home, the hotel, of residences and in the city

For those who wish to realize the dream of having a swimming pool in their own back garden, one which integrates with the home

Infinity pools overlooking the sea, or immersed in the green of the countryside; pools located in luxury villas or in rustic, restored farmhouses .

With the same care with which itrealizeshealth spas, parks and green space and large swimming pools hotels and luxury resorts, the Zaccaria Group guarantees the realization of the dream of having a swimming pool suitable for the living environment.

The considerable expertise of the group in the field of construction also aids clients in the search for that sense of continuity between pool and architectural context, because the pool and the garden become an integral part of the home, as if they were a cozy, fun "room" of the house. A room without wall, of course, but surrounded by plants, trees and gardens which have also been planted and maintained by the team of skilled workers of the Group.

All the services for the creation of public green space, parks, swimming pools for residential, sport or public use are guaranteed, made to the highest standard and delivered complete, inclusive of all the work of earthmoving, masonry and landscaping .