Architectural redevelopment, remediation and restoration

Churches, convents, monasteries, historic buildings, museums: the great projects of redevelopment and restoration have the purpose of regaining the history and the identity of the Val di Noto


Rooted in Modica and active in the communities of the Val di Noto (a UNESCO heritage site since 2002), the Zaccaria Group has always had at its heart the remediation and the development of the monuments of south-east Sicily.

Over the years, it has specialized in the work of redevelopment, architectural restoration, consolidation and remediation of historic buildings, buildings and monuments of artistic importance subject to protection: churches, convents, monasteries, historic squares, museums. The experience acquired by the skilled workforce, together with the know-how of company technicians, allows us to undertake interventions of specific conservation and maintenance - such as restoration of stone and woodwork – of all architectural heritage across the territory.

With the objective of regaining and spreading the territorial identity, major work was carried out on the examples of cultural heritage which best symbolized the city of Modica (from the restoration of the Church of San Giovanni, to the redevelopment of the Castello dei Conti, the restoration of Palazzo dei Mercedari, future home of the city museum) and other historic buildings in Sicily (among which: the Bishop's Palace of Noto, the Capuchin Convent in Mazzarino and the Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta).